Sliding hill

Thrills on snowdrift trails!

Discover the joys of sliding.
Snow sliding is accessible throughout the winter.

The sliding hill is now open and accessible to all sliding enthusiasts! The tubes are at your disposal for a safe descent, adding a touch of lightness to this winter escapade. Enjoy a great time with family, friends or even solo. Get ready to hurtle down the slopes and create unforgettable frozen moments!

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Tube loan schedule*
If conditions permit.

School groups and CPEs must reserve their place by telephone at 450 698-3133 or at

Thanks to Desjardins for providing families with free loan of sliding tubes. Tubes are available in limited quantities.

To ensure the safety of everyone on the hill, these regulations must be respected by each user
It is possible to continue your snow sliding activity with your own sleds after the periods indicated above (unsupervised site).
Given the current weather conditions, parental supervision and wearing a helmet are strongly recommended.
Children 5 years of age and under must be accompanied by an adult when travelling down the hill.
Users can use their own equipment―metal sleds are not allowed.
Users must go up to the places provided and respect the sliding corridors
The City of Châteauguay and Héritage Saint-Bernard decline all responsibility for any personal injury or material damage to anyone.

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Fermeture partielle du sentier #2 🚫🌨

Certaines zones de la première portion du sentier #2 sont inondées et extrêmement boueuses.

Afin de protéger notre environnement fragile et de prévenir tout dommage causé par le piétinement des randonneurs cherchant à éviter les zones boueuses, nous avons décidé de fermer temporairement l'accès à cette section du sentier.

Merci de votre compréhension et de respecter cette interdiction.

Pour suivre les mises à jour de l'état des sentiers, veuillez consulter la page des conditions des sentiers.