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Cockspur Hawthorn
Crataegus crus-galli

Northern Leopard Frog
Lithobates pipiens

Owing to its noble and distinctive tree species, and its rich biodiversity in general, the forest of the Fernand-Seguin ecology centre has substantial ecological value. However, it is a sugar maple-hickory stand that first and foremost distinguishes the Fernand-Seguin ecology centre. This forest is typical of southwestern Québec and is particularly valuable in terms of ecology considering that similar areas have given way to urbanization in the Greater Montréal region. Sugar maples dominate the area, followed by shagbark and bitternut hickory. Several other species add to the diversity of these woods, such as butternut, basswood and ironwood.

The fallow fields bordering the woods are a legacy of agricultural times. Wild plant species now thrive in peace next to luxuriant bushes, such as the rare cockspur hawthorn, which grows almost exclusively in Châteauguay, Léry and Kahnawake.

In the spring, the undergrowth of the sugar maple-hickory stand transforms into an utterly magical garden where trillium and trout lilies are briefly in bloom in a spectacular display of beauty!

This wonderful mix of plant species provides shelter and abundant food for wildlife.


Over a hundred species of birds can be observed at the ecology centre. In addition to woodpeckers, wrens, hawks, buzzards and owls, there are forest species that come for shelter, such as ovenbirds and wood thrushes whose bird calls and songs are often heard. Lastly, the popular chickadees and nuthatches are never shy to land on a hiker’s hand to peck at a few seeds or nuts.

Other wildlife species

Even though wildlife is somewhat harder to spot here than at the wildlife sanctuary, racoons, red foxes, Eastern cottontails and bats are in the area, along with small rodents, amphibians and reptiles: squirrels, chipmunks, voles, mice, toads, green frogs, tree frogs, salamanders and garter snakes.

Red fox
Vulpes vulpes

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